At Work

So I ditched work Tuesday and Wednesday, best Idea ever! Especially since I get to make up my hours, and I’ll have the same amount of cash come payday, yay!

Monday night I got to Jono’s and he was like “wanna go to San Diego”, and I was like, “does this have anything to do with pussy?” and he was like “maybe”, and I went anyway because there are a bunch of people we know down there anyway and we had a really chill night. Shanna was there already and I got to say goodbye to James who is leaving for Berkley on Saturday, and I’ll miss him. Jono went off to get laid, so Shanna gave me a ride back to Jono’s house to get my car and we talked and it was chill. Also, while getting on the freeway in SD I am pretty sure we saw Clinton’s motorcade, it was cool, and my friend Danny says that he’s always hanging out down there.

Yesterday I saw Before Sunsets with my grandma and she bought me a bunch of crap and grandmas fucking rock. Also, the movie was good.

Last night I went to Molly’s house and watched SLC Punk with Alastair, and it was also chill. I fucking love that movie. Ben comes back in 1 month and I’m getting impatient because I was supposed to be up there this week but because the college didn’t give be back my damn deposit I’m not and that sucks.