at work, on luch and bored stiff

Just heard a guy in the break room credit jesus for his good golf game. I fear the world truly has gone to hell.

Not too bad of a Monday, actually. I was sending sick books away to rebinding and I came across the title Aristphanes, His Plays: Our Debt to Greece and Rome, and I said to my boss, “coz God knows nothing else good ever came out of Greece and Rome”, and we laughed. Then I ran into The History of Freemasonry, and my boss has a kind of conspiracy theory joke that the freemasons are trying to take over the world, starting with Jack the Ripper, so I sang a song that started out like “American Pie” (the one madonna remade…shudder), but then went into some nonsense about the freemasons, and he was like “I didn’t know the song went like that”, and I made a comment about it being the original except that the freemasons are trying to erase themselves from history in order to achieve world domination, and we laughed some more.

I had a thought about the PR (Punk Rock) point game that Jeff and Emma started, I was bored and I started telling my boss about what would get you plus PR points (wearing something you found in the trash), and what would get you minus PR points (washing it before you put it on). I got this idea that I should start writing down random shit someone could do to gain or loose PR points. It would be like the PR points book. I should get Jeff to help me, seeing as he started it. It would be a great thing to do for fun. Fuck yeah. One of the ways to loose PR points is gonna hafta be to write a PR points book, that’ll make it perfect.

One of the great things about working in a Library is you get to keep the shit that they throw away if you want it, and I work with the magazines so I get to take a bunch of them home. Today I picked up a whole year of Psychiatric Annals. I figure I’ll read it in order to get a better picture of the enemy, and hopefully pick up some shit I can use to educate my Mom, coz these doctors are giving her all this medication and she doesn’t even know what the fucking side effects are ’till they happen to her, and it freaks me out. But there’s all this psychiatry lingo, and I’m really not used to not knowing the definitions for half the words on the page. I’m gonna have to read this in front of or something, so I can look up all the shit I don’t know, but so far it sounds like I’ve hit a jackpot-o-info on this one.

Also Ben and I are hooking up. It happened on Thursday, and it’s really weird. He doesn’t do drugs, he built his own computer, he watches anime, he’s a bit of a communist, he has never been homeless, nor had to spend a night in the streets, he’s never been in jail nor does he have a record of any kind, and he hates smog. As far as I know…