Allen Ginsberg

I found Allen Ginsberg’s box set Holy Soul Jelly Roll in the Library today. I’m burning CD’s from it, but I don’t think I’ll get it all, I don’t really want it all. Some of it is just allen re-siging old folk songs, and he realy can’t sing, and while some of his songs are political, this re-singing shit doesn’t have a lot of value to me. But Allen is way cool. I remember once I tried to do a presentation on him in H.S., but I had to change to e.e. cummings at the last minute because I couldn’t find a single poem that didn’t have the word ‘cock’ in it, and I realized that that might not have gone over too well. Looking back I should have just stuck with Allen and enlightened some people, caused a stir.

Well, I got all I wanted. I feel wierd burning CD’s of people I admire, especially the living ones. In allens case, he died in 1997, leaving no heirs that I know of, therefore someone who probably didn’t know him that well, or didn’t contribute to his development as artist at all is getting the money, so that makes me feel better, but with the others I just say that I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy the album I’m burning anyway, therefore, I’m not altering my origional contribution in any way. Either way, I usually think that this last response is a pretty shitty one, just ment to make me feel better. Usually I just think of metallica and stealing from rock stars sddenly becomed very fun.