A Quick Run Down of Recent Events

So we’ve been in Oregon for over a week now and all I’ve been doing is writing porno reviews and talking about privilege. You could say I’m already starting to fit in!

Anyway, we left LA on Wednesday, Feb. 25, drove all night and arrived at Ben’s parents’ house in Corvallis the next afternoon. My dad flew down from Bend to drive the moving truck for us, so I took him back to airport parking the next day to get his car. After that we got some movers to unload our stuff from the truck into the dining room. Then Ben set up our office in his sister’s old bedroom, and we were back to work on Friday.

Last Sunday we went up to Portland again to see our new apartment. It’s adorable.

The rest of the week has been working and blogging.

Next weekend on the 15th, we’ll be loading everything back onto a van to move it all into our new place. Hopefully between now and then we’ll head up to there to paint in advance of all the furniture showing up in addition to doing our work, which is coming in like gangbusters.

I thought I’d be more upset by the weather. But I realized something today. Los Angeles is a really colorless city. Even though there’s grass and trees, and beach, everything is sort of sepia when you really get down to it. When it rains or is overcast in LA, that makes it a million times worse. There’s nothing to distinguish the sidewalk from the buildings from the sky. It’s all gunmetal gray. Here the sky is gray, but the grass is green and the flowers are a candy color of pink with little rainbow birds in the trees. This could just be my own surprise at seeing something other than sparrows, but the birds here look like strippers. It’s insane.