5 Gifts for Geeks

Do you guys get the impression they wanted to call Premium Rush “Ride Like Hell,” but that they worried about the effect it would have on the flyover states? Using a curse word would inevitably ruin any drawing power Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s adorable baby face would have for the whole affair.

Anyway, here’s five geeky gifts I’ve noticed on my travels across the Internet.

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote: For your favorite companion. (ThinkGeek $99)

A nice journal. I bought one of these for Ben’s sister a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed the quality, as well as the quick shipping. (Msquare Press $30-75)

Superhero shoes: Fully customizable Chuck Taylors. (Converse $75)
Other styles are available through the Journeys website. (Journeys $60)

Love bug: Give a bug for the one you love! Some of them are magnetic. (Clone Hardware $15-16)

A well designed cookbook: For the foodie. (James Peterson, $23)

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