15 Movies – Part 2

15 movies that stuck with me, in no particular order, part 2. Read part one here

6. Tank Girl: The fact that Lori Petty is apparently kind-of a bitch doesn’t stop me from loving some Tank Girl. I have the comics too. At least, some of them. There’s kind of a long tail on the Tank Girl story. Apparently at least one person is still making comics. Although I’m pretty sure the last iteration needed a Kickstarter to fund it, despite it’s legacy and cult status. If you want an idea of how well that’s going…

7. Die Hard: This is the only Christmas movie anyone will ever need. It’s got everything. Blood, sweat and twinkly lights. And, setting a bad bitch precedent, Holly Gennaro-McClane is a stunning counter-point to hero John McClane. It’s a family favorite. Get on board.

8. Sliding Doors: The plot follows two versions of the same life. One in which the main character makes her train, and one in which she doesn’t. I used to watch it every time I felt worried about the outcome of something. Until feminist Ben pointed out that in each version of the movie her life is only okay when she meets the right man. Everything else she accomplishes along the way is basically meaningless. So now I can’t watch it anymore.

9. Legally Blond: This is my new go-to movie for down times. Elle is smart, strong, resourceful, and energetic. Even though there is a romantic component in the movie, her achievement hardly has anything to do with him. It’s basically the most feminist film on the market.

10. The Birdcage: I wanted Robin Williams and Nathan Lane to be my dads so badly the first time I saw this movie. I rewatched it recently and, man Val only gets more obnoxious with age. He was such a butthole. Look, dude, if you’d rather have Calista Flockhart, than the powerhouse duo of Williams and Lane, you can have her. Leave the cool artist dads to me, take your basic bitch lady and die in suburbia.

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