1 AM Sad Puppy Blues




Somebody’s a tired baby.

What did I do right today?

I hit the deadline for an important proposal, and I feel confident in our bid.

I also ate a good breakfast and a good lunch, and I exercised and walked the dog. It was kind of a slam-dunk day.

What could I do differently?

I ended up working until 11:30 and eating dinner at midnight. Which was only possible thanks to a plate of cheese covered tater tots that I ate at a meeting at 6pm.

Shout out to tater tots. You da real MVP.

What would different look like?

Different would at least look like a healthier snack. There were things on the menu that would have been better choices, although to be honest, I didn’t feel that hungry or tired, or even bad in the slightest.

Recently, I’ve noticed that my body fucking loves white potatoes. The other day, i had a headache and felt like puking, and potato chips turned my whole life around. It’s very strange.

How will I work toward my goal?

I feel like I already am. I had some work that couldn’t wait until tomorrow to take care of.

The important factor now will be if I feel guilty about a late start tomorrow. Because that’s something I could stand to do without.

I don’t have to be working every second of every day, or even on an arbitrary (and frankly, draining) 9-5 schedule to be a worthwhile person.